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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Who you calling a bitch, Bitch?

I would not like to think fo myself as a bitch. Infact thats the last word people would use to describe me. In generally, bitchy people annoy me and I think it is such a waste of time to critisise other people, slate them behind their back, highlighting all their flaws..and especially if you genuinely hate them or don't like them-I think why bother allowing them to be the topic fo your conversation?

Gossip is poison. I take Heat, Now,and any tabloid with a pinch of salt. Doesn't mean I don't read them from time to time. Even though I feel very strongly about the world of celebrities and the issue of fame, I still share the fascination of how the famous people spend their lives. I am sick of the skinny pics though, it really is getting old. On every cover, it's STARS GET EVEN SKINNIER! TOP 30 SKINNY STARS OF 2005! and next to the photos of the skeletal stars, they appear negative and yet I feel that the more attention they give to them, the more they encourage it. The more, young people who have issues with their weight and appearance will struggle. All the pro-anoxerics will see these photos of stars, looking unhealthily thin and bony, and feel more inspired. And those who are trying to lose weight, could lead to feel they haven't lost enough, because next to Nicole Richie's child liked figure, they feel fat.
(I went through an anorexic stage a few years back and since then have battled with compulsive eating disorder/weight issues)

As for this blog, I just decided like starting one today. I like to write. I have a lot of opinions that I want to share with people. And I find writing very therapeutic..helps me offload my feelings.

I like to hear what other people think too, so comment away.



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